Whether you’re a lone-wolf or managing a group, when you add MBF to your project you bring industry best practices and solid development processes.

Process Implementation

We’re not robots, so sometimes we need a little process help. Since programming projects require precise accuracy and measurement, good process is essential.

Requirements Analysis

Analyzing the requirements before coding helps clarify business objectives and eliminate rework. Before any programming begins, the first step is a thorough review of the requirements.

Wireframes Before Code

To remove abstraction, wireframes are made to demonstrate the user experience and flow of any solution. Since interpretations differ, you can get an idea of how your project will function and get stakeholder buy-in before development begins.


While a guaranteed completion date sounds great, requirements change and needs evolve often making the date unreliable. Milestones give multiple check points to review and alter the project plan while allowing flexibility.


A beautiful, fully functional application really isn’t worth that much if you don’t know how it works. Without business process and technical documentation, you waste time and money every time you need to alter it.

Programming with Best Practices

Let’s not re-invent the wheel. Many have come before us, let’s learn from them. MBF uses best practices with proven, stable technology to solve problems the right way.

PHP, Laravel, Testing & Code Standards

Using Laravel, a PHP framework, MVC-based architecture is created with thorough unit tests. High test coverage percentage is a guide, not a goal. To follow a coding standard and ensure quality, PHP Code Sniffer and static analysis is implemented.

Javascript, Vue, Testing & Code Standards

Web apps are built with the reactive JavaScript framework VueJS. Unit, integration and snapshot testing is a staple of any MBF project. Standard-compliant code is guaranteed with ESLint.

The Newest HTML5 & CSS3

Browsers are capable of a wide range of functionality when the proper HTML and CSS is used. To guarantee platform-native experiences, MBF implements browser-supported controls using HTML5 and CSS3.

Git Version Control

Git provides code history logging, security and quick deployment tools. Whether as a single developer or part of a large team, version control is a necessity.

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