Do you find yourself wondering if you’re constructing your project the right way? Do you have some architecture questions that you want to run by someone? Or maybe you just need a second opinion. A comprehensive code review may be the answer.

What Does This Involve?

Each engagement is different because each project and developer is unique. The code review start out with a basic framework, then it is tailored for each individual code base.


User data and business intelligence are the most important parts of your project. Significant amount of time is spent reviewing the code and dependencies for security holes and potential vulnerabilities. We’ll identify risk factors and any steps to remedy them.

The Laravel Way

If your project uses the Laravel framework, it’ll be compared to the “The Laravel Way.” The Laravel framework community encourages specific paradigms for your project. Consistently implementing code following these patterns has many benefits.


It doesn’t matter how beautiful your code is if your site is slow. Each additional second your site takes to load results in lost visitors, conversions and revenue. A thorough code review focuses on performance metrics and helps to discover additional efficiencies.

PHP, Vue, JS, CSS Essentials

Your project is likely made up of more than just Laravel code and configuration. Individual PHP classes and functionality, Vue and Javascript, CSS and HTML also fall into the scope of this code review.

Can I See an Example?

Sure! Because client code security is paramount, this example code review was done against an open source project free and available to anyone.
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Types Available

There are three types of code reviews available. While the delivery mechanism and participation may be different, each will contain the highest level of review and quality deliverables. Each option comes with an optional wrap-up or Q&A meeting following the delivery.

Video Walkthrough


Between 30 to 90 minutes of walkthrough will be recorded and slightly edited. Code will be reviewed in real-time and a screen capture will be recorded. The recording may be lightly edited for clarity and to remove breaks.

Live Team Walkthrough


Between 30 to 90 minutes of walkthrough will be conducted over a Zoom meeting with stakeholders or team members. Code will be reviewed in real-time. You may record it if you wish. Questions and back-and-forth conversations are encouraged with this option.

Written Code Review


This option’s deliverable is usually a 20 to 30 page PDF document reviewing the code base. The document is a mix of pre-written tips for the project as well as unique recommendations. This is especially useful for teams that need to work asynchronously or with stakeholders that desire documented proof of a review.

Let’s Get Started

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