Laravel Code Review

Best Practices, Architecture, and Performance.

Hi! I'm Aaron Saray, a PHP developer who specializes in Laravel.

Do you find yourself wondering if you’re constructing your project the right way? Do you have some architecture questions that you want to run by someone? Or maybe you just need a second opinion. I’d love to help by providing a professional code review.

What Does This Involve?

Each engagement is different because each project and developer is unique. I start out with a basic framework, then tailor it for each individual code base.



User data and business intelligence are the most important parts of your project. I spend a significant amount of time reviewing the code and dependencies for security holes and potential vulnerabilities. We’ll identify risk factors and any steps to remedy them.

The Laravel Way

The Laravel framework community encourages specific paradigms for your project. Consistently implementing code following these patterns has many benefits.



It doesn’t matter how beautiful your code is if your site is slow. Each additional second your site takes to load results in lost visitors, conversions and revenue. My thorough code review focuses on performance metrics and helps to discover additional efficiencies.

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PHP, Vue, JS, CSS Essentials

Your project is likely made up of more than just Laravel code and configuration. Individual PHP classes and functionality, Vue and Javascript, CSS and HTML also fall into the scope of this code review.

How Does This Work?

Building a stronger code base, a beautiful product and expanding your skills as a developer takes time. I like to develop long-term relationships with developers, but I do understand that sometimes you just need a quick one-time review.



With my comprehensive code review comes a number of suggestions. But, without guidance, those can be misinterpreted or left behind. A monthly retainer agreement guarantees a long-lasting relationship where the coaching goes beyond a single code review. Not only do we work through the initial findings, we can make structured deep-dives into other parts of your project and process. It’s like having a senior developer or coach at hand whenever you need them, but not having to put up with them when you don’t!

One Time

For those who just need a laser-targeted single review, a flat-rate engagement makes most sense. This choice also helps you understand the kind of feedback I’ll give, the quality you can expect, and a general measurement of your project. Although this is called a one-time code review, we usually end up having two or three screen sharing calls to finalize your code review.

Let's Get Started

With nearly 2 decades, I’ve learned the best practices that make a PHP project successful. Since the release of Laravel 5, I specialize and solely build PHP applications in Laravel. Let’s schedule an initial call for me to learn about your project and let you know how I can help. If I can’t help you out, I’ll try to connect you with someone who can. It’s as easy as clicking the link below!

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