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Business Needs

Requirement Analysis
Analyzing the requirements before coding helps clarify business objectives and eliminate rework. Before any programming begins, requirements are reviewed thoroughly to ensure you get exactly what you need.
Wireframes Before Code
To remove abstraction, wireframes are made to demonstrate the user experience and flow of any solution. Since interpretations differ, you can get an idea of how your project will function before development begins.
While a guaranteed completion date sounds great, requirements change and needs evolve often making the date unreliable. Milestones give multiple check points to review and alter the project plan while allowing flexibility.

Technical Implementation

Laravel, a PHP framework
PHP is an open source language with a large and active community. Laravel is a leading framework that increases development speed.
VueJS, a reactive Javascript Framework
Browser-based front end programming in Javascript is supported by the VueJS framework.
Standards-based development using the newest standards of HTML5 and CSS3.
Git Version Control
Git provides code history logging, security and quick deployment tools.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Multiple Solutions
    Some developers take requirements and blindly begin coding. Instead, we take time to understand them. During this process, we'll use our experience to help determine the best path forward. If there are other, potentially better solutions, we'll give you a summary of those as well. This allows you to make the best choice for your project.
  • Risk Assessment
    In a perfect world, everyone would spend as much money and time as possible to make the best product. While we aim for this, we understand that the business world is fluid. We'll present options, including defining and quantifying the risks of choosing one path over another. Instead of being told you "must" do something, we'll help you understand what happens if you don't. You're in the best position to decide if your business can accept that risk.
  • Best Technical Tools
    One of the ways to measure the quality of your developer is by their tooling. On all of our projects, we use project management tools like Github Issues or Jira; Git for version control; unit and integration tests for both PHP and Javascript; and code standard and organization tools like PHPCS and Prettier.
  • Documentation
    A beautiful, fully functional application really isn't worth that much if you don't know how it works. Without business process and technical documentation, you waste time and money every time you need to alter it. We aim to reduce risks of vendor lock-in by developing proper, thorough documentation for every project.


Aaron Saray
More Better Faster is Aaron Saray

Aaron Saray is a web developer and application programmer based in Milwaukee, WI. With nearly 2 decades of experience, he has become an expert in open source programming with PHP and MySQL. He specializes in creating brand new business applications. He also works with existing applications to add features and upgrade their functionality. Sometimes called "a developer's developer," he enjoys augmenting existing teams and introducing best practices and processes.

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